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Celtic Designs and Meanings

Celtic design is a long tradition of craftsmanship and high attention to detail that began over 1600 years ago. Famous celtic designed objects include the Book of Kells which is housed in Trinty Colledge, Dublin and the Ardagh Chalice in the National Museum of Ireland.

According to Trinity Colledge the Book of Kells "manuscript contains the four Gospels in Latin based on a Vulgate text, written on vellum (prepared calfskin), in a bold and expert version of the script known as "insular majuscule". The place of origin of the Book of Kells is generally attributed to the scriptorium of the monastery founded around 561 by St Colum Cille on Iona, an island off the west coast of Scotland. In 806, following a Viking raid on the island which left 68 of the community dead, the Columban monks took refuge in a new monastery at Kells, County Meath. It must have been close to the year 800 that the Book of Kells was written, although there is no way of knowing if the book was produced wholly at Iona or at Kells, or partially at each location.
Here the chalice is described by the National Museum of Ireland:
"A girdle of ten filigree panels of animal ornament and interlace encircles the bowl between the elaborate handles. Below it, incised on a dotted background are the names of the apostles in an elegant script familiar from contemporary manuscripts. Animals and a design of human heads, lightly engraved, spring from the lower border of the inscription below the handles and medallions. The medallions, one on each side, in the centre of the bowl, are cast bronze frames in the form of a cross of arcs within a circle, embellished with gold filigree scrolls, simple coiled serpents in beaded wire on gold foil and enamels. The stem is elaborately decorated with La Tène designs, animal ornament, fret patterns and a honeycomb-like interlace in cast gilt-copper alloy. The foot of the chalice is large and is decorated on both the under and the upper surfaces. A great roundel of cast ornament, filigree beasts and a rock crystal with a surround of amber glued with a malachite paste, decorate the interior of the foot and conceal the end of the large pin which holds bown, stem and foot together."
Celticgiftshop provide a unique collection of these celtic designs in jewelery form. The designs include impressions of Ireland which symbolise different historic events in Irish history. Other celtic designs include the Wood Quay collection which was inspired by the Wood Quay area of Dublin which was where the vikings landed and the river liffey, Dublins main river. The collection included oxidised silver bangles, pendants, earrings and rings plain or stone set. Jean Butler was inspired by her love for Irish dancing and Riverdance fame to design a celtic and Irish jewelery collection which symbolises her creative Irish spirt. 
The celtic signature collection was inspired by the Ardagh Chalice which is one of Irelands oldest historic relics. The collection carries on the traditons set out by the ancestors who created the chalice and carries on the craftsmanship and unique beauty of the celtic deisgn of the chalice.
We hope you enjoy the collections.
Our newly added House of Lor collection is the only Irish Jewelry collection in the world made with gold mined in Ireland. Exclusive to the House of Lor. Rare Irish gold in every piece.