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Celtic Knots Meanings

Celtic knots are an Irish symbol you’ll find everywhere from designer jewellery to tattoos worn by rock n’ rollers to, of course, the original Book of Kells back in old Dublin. It’s not clear that Celtic knot drawings were ever meant to symbolize anything, but lots of modern people think they contain spiritual concepts. The knots are incredibly popular with followers of new age religions, magic societies and all sorts of other groups who want to draw an association with the oldest traditions of Ireland

Whether these Irish Celtic symbols were originally meant to represent anything or were just created to be pretty pictures isn’t clear. The Celts, who dominated the culture of pre-Christian Ireland, simply didn’t place much importance on creating records to help future generations understand their symbols. Some historians thing the Celts drew them because they were prohibited from drawing any other pictures. One of the more widely accept theories to explain Celtic knot meanings says that Celtic religion, like Islam, may have prohibited realistic depictions of living creatures. This rule, which gave rise to extraordinary Arabic calligraphy may have given birth to the complex Irish knots.
Generally, the interlaced, geometric knots fall into four categories:
1) Triangular or “Triskele” Designs
2) Animal Interlace: Sometimes representing men and animals intertwined, believed to represent relationships of men to women, hunters to their prey or others.
3) Circular Knots: Possibly symbols of cycles of life or eternity, but also seen as a sign of unity. The “endless” quality of Celtic knots seems to make lots of people assume they symbolize time without end, possibly because the look a bit like the familiar horizontal 8 symbol we use the represent eternity.
Squares: Known as “shield knots,” and said to offer protection from evil spirits. They were often placed on battle shields or near sick people.
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