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House of Lor

House of Lor
Celticgiftshop presents the House of Lor Jewelry collection. This collection is a unique Irish Jewelry collection in that the gold used in the House of Lor jewelry is carefully and ethically mined in the deep Irish hills of Omagh, following safe non-toxic processing technology. House of Lor proudly holds the exclusive license with the only commercial gold mine in Ireland to create jewelry pieces.  The House of Lor is the only jewelry company in the world that can make this claim.

Each piece is also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, to certify that each piece of HOUSE OF LOR Jewellery has been made with rare Irish gold from the mine in County Tyrone. 100% Irish Gold. Mined, Designed & Made in Ireland.

House of Lor - Irish gold in every design...
Our newly added House of Lor collection is the only Irish Jewelry collection in the world made with gold mined in Ireland. Exclusive to the House of Lor. Rare Irish gold in every piece.