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Ring Shape and Finish

Ring Sizing

A number of the wedding rings on our site are wide so please ensure you use a wide ring gauge when getting your finger sized. 
See our Ring Size Guide for different sizes. Its always a good idea to check with a local jeweller if your unsure. Most if not all have sizers and get asked regularly. The bigger the width of the ring the more room you will need so check if your not sure. 99% of the time its no problem resizing but for convenience its always better to put on a ring that fits perfectly!

Ring Shapes
Some of our wedding rings come in a choice of shapes, D-Shaped and Comfort-fit.
D Shape - Inner band is flat.
Unless otherwise stated most rings on will be D-shaped.
Comfort Fit - Inner band is rounded. 
Somtimes this is called 'Court Shape'.

Ring Trims
Most of our collection can come with a choice of trims. This is an additional section added to either side of the ring. In some cases you can also have a choice of Light or Heavy trim.
Add 2mm to width of band for light trims.
Add 3.5mm to width of band for heavy trims.

Ring Finish

The ring finish is as per the main photo.
In some cases there is a choice ring finish; Polished or Florentined.
  Polished - both the background and highlighted design are polished.
  Florentine - a matt finish has been applied to the backround to highlight the polished foreground design.

Gem Stones
Please click here for a great resource on gemstones.
Courtesy of The International Colored Gemstone Association (


Our newly added House of Lor collection is the only Irish Jewelry collection in the world made with gold mined in Ireland. Exclusive to the House of Lor. Rare Irish gold in every piece.