Ring Size Guide

This is a standard ring size chart. If you are not sure of your ring size we strongly recommend you visit your local jeweler and ask them to size your finger for you. They will be happy to help.

Chart shows US Ring Sizes, UK & Ireland Sizes with Diameter in Millimetres and Circumference in Millimetres.
US Ring Sizes UK & Ireland Sizes Diameter in Millimetres Circumference in Millimetres
4 H 14.8mm 46.5mm
4.5 I 15.2mm 47.8mm
5 J 15.6mm 49mm
5.5 K 16.1mm 50.3mm
6 L 16.4mm 51.5mm
6.5 M 16.8mm 52.8mm
7 N 17.2mm 54mm
7.5 O 17.6mm 55.3mm
8 P 18mm 56.6mm
8.5 Q 18.4mm 57.8mm
9 R 18.8mm 59.1mm
9.5 S 19.2mm 60.3mm
10 T 19.6mm 61.6mm
10.5 U 20mm 62.8mm
11 V 20.4mm 64.1mm
11.5 W 20.7mm 65.3mm
12 X 21.2mm 66.6mm
12.5 Y 21.6mm 67.9mm
13 Z 22mm 69.1mm
13.5 Z+1 22.6mm 71mm

If you intend to purchase a ring with a trim or a wide fitting ring we suggest you go up a 1/2 size than your normal ring size for e.g. if you are normally a size 6 you would then need to order a size 6 1/2. Please note that we manufacturer all our rings based on a centre sizing measurement unless specifically specified otherwise as "Leading Edge Measurement Given".

If you require a ring size above or below what is displayed on our website please email us with the size you require and we will arrange for it to be made.