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Terms & Conditions


The terms herein regulate the customer's use of items and services provided by CELTIC GIFT Shop. 
These conditions apply to all sales from CELTIC GIFT Shop as long as nothing else is agreed upon in writing between the parties. 

Prices and Delivery

All prices stated are inc. VAT and excl. freight unless otherwise stated. The prices are in constant fluctuance and we therefore take reservations against changes in price as a result of price changes from our suppliers. Shipments to valid Channel Islands Postcodes can be arranged at 0% VAT after the order is placed online. 
We reserve the right to refuse delivery on all items in regards to fluctuations in price and stock situation. We also reserve the right to refuse delivery on all items due to competitive or market situations. All delivery times given by us must be seen as guiding. 
Our order confirmation does not constitute a contract. It is merely a confirmation that we have received your "request to purchase". The contract is the Invoice which is issued when we finalise the sale and physically remove the funds from the customer's credit card. Time consumed for picking, packing and eventual production does apply in addition before we submit the parcel to the courier. When time is set in days, we are referring to working days. We reserve the right to deviate on given delivery time without further notice. Any changes in price occurring after time of ordering will not have retroactive effects. We take reservations on eventual typing-/printing errors. 
Should we, contrary to what we all expect, have a pricing error generated by human hands, we reserve the right to delete the order and offer you the item at the correct price. 

Cooling Off period 

The Cooling Off period applies to purchases made on CELTIC GIFT Shop website. 

National Consumer Agency





Extraordinary relations 

CELTIC GIFT Shop is only responsible for loss of the item should there be faults or flaws. This does not apply should CELTIC GIFT Shop justify that the flaw is due to external relations outside of CELTIC GIFT Shop's control, and that CELTIC GIFT Shop cannot, in all fairness, be expected to avoid or overcome the consequences of. 
CELTIC GIFT Shop is not responsible for indirect loss as a result of faults unless the loss is achieved due to severe negligence or with purpose from CELTIC GIFT Shop. 
By end-user purchases the terms cannot be inferior to the terms set by law 
Only companies and public departments are allowed to purchase on credit. A credit evaluation will be done before the account is authorised. CELTIC GIFT Shop has a vendor's fixed charge in the sold items as safety for CELTIC GIFT Shop's claim of the purchase sum with the addition of interest and expenses. 

Changes to terms

CELTIC GIFT Shop reserves the right to change the existing terms hereunder as a result of changes in legislation. 

Disputes and Reservations

All trade and business activities via are subject to and in accordance with Irish Law and current legislation. Disputes between the customer and CELTIC GIFT Shop shall be sought to be solved in an amicable manner. Should the dispute not be solved by negotiations, each of the parties can take the case in for the appropriate courts of justice. We take reservation for possible errors and eventual price changes. Illustrations may vary from the actual item, we cannot be held responsible for differences between product specifications and the associated image.

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